WM | Quartis R2019-02

Friday April 26th, 2024
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Software- WM | Quartis R2019-02

WM | Quartis R2019-02 is now available! Designed to work with Renishaw Engineering Equator! Take a look at our latest innovations?

Faster and easier to obtain meaningful measurement results

WM | Quartis is a versatile, modern measuring machine software brought to you by WENZEL.

While many CMM software’s have evolved and grown to work in the Windows environment, WM | Quartis was the first software to be designed using the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface. The result is a measuring software with an uncluttered, flexible and result orientated workspace.

WM | Quartis is a versatile, but powerful software fit for all industrial applications, all tactile Renishaw probes and others optical sensors as can also produce traditional measurement reports from point cloud and CT data in conjunction with WENZEL PointMaster or WENZEL Gear Software.

  • Swiss Made
  • Reliability | Quality | Precise
  • Easy to use
  • Familiar Microsoft fluent interface | Dynamic ribbons | Uncluttered workspace
  • Low cost of ownership
  • Reasonably priced SMA | Discounts as part of maintenance contract
  • Power
  • Full simulation | Multiple machines controlled in one program | Optical and CT evaluation in combination with PointMaster
  • Connectivity
  • Imports from all common CAD | Outputs to factory systems | Automation