Thursday October 27th, 2022
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MKS is a leader in high reliability vacuum isolation valves. Our vacuum isolation valves includes bellows sealed valves, ball valves, soft start dual-stage valves, and safety shut off valves. These are available in a wide array of configurations including manual, pneumatic, and electromagnetic actuators.

Reliable, well-designed isolation valve solutions address a wide range of vacuum and semiconductor applications. An extensive portfolio of isolation valve solutions includes 17 different types of valves, ranging in size from ¼” fittings up to 10” (NW250) in both angle and inline configurations.


Addressing Diverse Applications

+ Gauge and chamber isolation

+ Diagnostic isolation

+ High cycle capabilities for load lock chambers

+ Specially designed corrosion-resistant valves for aggressive processes

+ Rapid actuation

Broad Selection of Options and Configurations

+ Pneumatic, manual, and electromagnetic operation

+  Adjustable conductance control using interchangeable orifices and metering devices

+ Customization to meet your needs and specific applications

A leaking valve can stop production and create costly downtime. MKS offers predefined isolation valve kits to support in situ self-service to reduce repair and maintenance downtime. MKS isolation valves are designed for high performance gauge or system isolation. These are commonly used in semiconductor and flat screen manufacturing, high energy physics research and thin film deposition.

MKS isolation valves are designed for long life and high reliability; however all valves can develop leaks over time due to failing seals and/or cracks developing in a worn bellows. In addition, bellows and seal lifetimes may be shortened in corrosive or high deposition processes. In these harsh processes, a rebuild kit allows for valve self-service on pre-determined preventive maintenance schedules reducing service turnaround time.

Isolation valve kits either contain the fully assembled valve internals, including seals and bellows, or only the seals. With the removal of a few bolts the valve can be repaired, reducing time and expense of removing and replacing the part from the line and shipping it back to MKS for repair or full replacement. No special tooling or skills are required. The kits contain original MKS components, assuring a perfect fit into the valve. Keeping kits on hand makes regularly scheduled maintenance easy and minimizes down time due to unexpected valve leakage.

There are many Isolation valves products which are suitable with different application as below link:


Isolation Valve Kits including of:

+ Internal Rebuild Kit: Includes the complete fully assembled internals, with seals and bellows assembly, for a specific valve.

+ Seal Kit: Includes seals most likely to wear down with use.

+ Additional feature: Alternative seal materials to Viton® are available. Contact MKS Technical Support for seal material assistance.

Refer to datasheet link:

This video is to demonstrate how to replace the internal assembly on an MKS Isolation valve. We will be replacing the internals in the MKS valve LPV1-40-AK-CNVS. The process is similar for most MKS isolation valves. Explore Vacuum Isolation valves available in a wide array of configurations including manual, pneumatic, and electromagnetic actuators…etc.