Wednesday May 29th, 2024
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FILTERFINE TECHNOLOGY VIETNAM CO., LTD is one of the companies that sells, imports, exports, manufactures, assembles, and distributes high-quality products with the most advanced technology in the Vietnamese market today.

Our company is honored to be the official distributor and representative of leading manufacturers in the world: Entegris/POCO -USA, Lighthouse -USA, Levitronix-Switzerland, Wenzel-Germany, Ernt GROB- Switzerland, Schussler -Germany, Jongen-Germany, Schumacher -Germany, GearTec-Czech Republic, MKS-USA, … in the Vietnamese market.

At the showroom of the company branch at 85A Thuy Nguyen Townhouse, Ecopark Urban Area, Van Giang District, Hung Yen Province. We display sample systems and equipment with the latest technology representing famous manufacturers in the world such as: Shopfloor level meter with 5-axis measuring head – SF55/PH20 from Wenzel-Germany; Vaisala-Finland PR53 concentration measuring device; Console i30 automatic control pump and sensor system from Levitronix-Switzerland; Free particle measurement and control system for clean room environments at standard levels -Solair 1100, Apex/HEPA-Scan Air Pro leak meter; Column/bag filter system and many other products…Our company is very pleased to invite customers and partners to visit the showroom to experience the products.

Below are some pictures of our showroom.