Fittings and Accessories for Vacuum Piping Systems
We offer ISO-KF, ISO-MF, ISO-BF, CF (ConFlat), and welded style vacuum fittings, vacuum flanges and vacuum components including elbows, reducers, tees, crosses, viewports, seals, adapters, clamps, hoses, flanges, tubes and tubing, and gaskets.
– Our ISO-KF vacuum flange fitting and component system is a modular, building block method for creating 0.75 to 4 inch vacuum piping systems
– CF-style vacuum flanges and fittings are the standard for ultrahigh vacuum (UHV) applications. Also know as ConFlat flanges, they use a copper flat gasket placed between two knife edges to provide an extremely leak-tight vacuum seal
– ISO large flange vacuum fittings and components are commonly referred to as ISO-MF (multi-fastener flange), ISO-LF (large flange), ISO-K, ISO-BF (bolted flange) ISO Universal, or as plain “ISO” flanges



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