I. Intruduce:

  • Multi-Cartridge filter Vessel is widely used on an industrial filtration equipment.
  • Multi-Cartridge filter Vessel consists of a stainless steel housing and cartridge filter, the liquid from the outside through the filter, after collecting the particles from the liquid, the impurity particles of the liquid keep in the filter core. , to achieve the purposes of filtering and refining.

II. Feature:

  • The quality of the filter depends mainly on the proper selection of the filter size and type.
  • Material of cartrigde filter usually is: polypropylene, polyester, nylon, polyethersulfone, ptfe and another.
  • Kind of cartrigde filter is string wound filter cartridge, Melt Blown Cartridge, Pleated filter catridge with filtration accuracy 0.1μ,0.22μ, 0.45μ, 1μ, 5μ..

III. Aplication:

  • Multi-Cartridge filter Vessel are widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, etc.

*** Currently, our company Filterfine Vietnam is representing manufacturer’s  Multi-Cartridge filter Vessel product line with many outstanding features suitable for many applications as well as many industries in Vietnam.

A/ High flow cartridge Filter (HCF Series) Multi-Cartridge Filter Vessel:

We offer up to 280 rounds cartridge vessel for all industrial needs application with unique spring aided design opening mechanism make changing cartridge so easy that can be handled by one operator.

All HCF cartridge vessels are designed according to ASME standard


  • Unique design able to fit either DOE (double open end) or SOE with “222” configuration.
  • Max Operating pressure – up to 30 Bar design pressure available.
  • Inlet/Outlet Connection – 3- 24” ANSI Flange Vent/ Drain – 1” to 1 1/2” NPT
  • O Ring – EPDM, VITON or Teflon encapsulated VITON
  • Connection Option – ANSI, DIN, JIS10K Flange, BSP coupling



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