Thursday May 5th, 2022
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The light source sends light to the interface between a prism and the process solution, where the rays meet the surface at different angles. Depending on the angle, some rays reflex a total internal reflection, while the rest of the light is refracted during processing stage.

Thus, an optical image with a dark sector and a light sector is created. The angle corresponding to the shadow line is called
the critical angle of total internal reflection. This angle is a function of the refractive index and therefore the concentration of the solution. A CCD-camera detects the optical image. The image is transformed point-by-point into a digital signal. Digital signal processing is used to locate the exact shadow line position and to determine the refractive index nD.
A built-in temperature sensor measures the temperature T on the interface of the process liquid. The sensor converts the refractive index nD and temperature T into Brix units. The diagnostics program ensures that the measurement is reliable.

2/ Application concentration of the solution by Refractometer measurement of Vaisala products in the pharmaceutical industry:
Concentration of the solution by Refraction measurement of Vaisala refractometer is used for all industrial sectors application what the processes need to be monitored, controlled in fields, such as Food & beverage, Chemicals and allied, Oil & gas refining & petrochemicals, Pharmaceutical & biotechnology, Semiconductor, Pulp & paper, Sugar..
Espeically, the model pharma refractometer PR-43-P has basic index such as, measuring range: nD = 1.3200…1.5300 or 0-100% Brix.., the accuracy: nD ±0.0002 or ±0.1 Brix..
3/ Where to buy the Refractometer with high quality and reputation?
Filterfine Vietnam Co., Ltd is honorific to be an authorized distributor of Vaisa Refractometer in Vietnam.
Vaisala is a well-known and prestigious brand from Finland, giving quality from Europe. Refractometer product from Vaisala has various selection and supplied with maintenance support, warranty, auxiliary solution, parts replacement, consumable replacement.

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