Tuesday October 4th, 2022
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  1. I. Preface

Filterfine Vietnam is honored to be the exclusive distributor in Vietnam for Wenzel (Germany. The company specializes in providing measuring equipment widely applied in the industries of manufacturing auto parts, motorcycles, and mold manufacturing. , jigs, reverse engineering, 3D scanning, gear testing…

II. Application of 3D Scan technology 

Filterfine Vietnam provides professional 3d Scan services, meeting all the needs of copying, duplicating… from complex data that need high accuracy such as:

  • Mold detail quality control
  • Model Restoration
  • Machining
  • Fast production (3D printing, CNC…)
  • Reverse design…

  Until now, Scan3D technology has become extremely useful in areas where today’s Scan3D technology has become extremely useful such as: Accurately calculating the specifications of the steps in the construction of monuments, monuments, archeology, health… Or simply keep forever your own face, body and loved ones:

  • Casting wax figures
  • 3D laser engraving…III. Dedicated 3D scanner.

  Filterfine Vietnam owns a line of specialized machines:

Mscan II :

  • High precision

High Resolution Industrial CCD Sensor | High precision measurements | Accuracy up to 0.025 mm

  • High speed

22 crossed blue laser lines | Up to 1,300,000 measurements per second | Quick system setup

  • Mobility

Flexible and convenient operation | Compact System | Plug and play solution

  • Exceptionally easy to maintain

Optimal accessibility | Cost-effective hardware and software upgrade program.

  • Wide applicantion

Product Analysis | Custom Measurements, | Design ideas | Reverse Engineering | Profile analysis

Scan shoe soles

Scan machine details

IV. 3D scanning service, 3D product scanning

  • Service quotation depends on the factors of the product

– Size?

– Accuracy requirements?

– Complex surface?

  • Delivery time
  1. You send pictures, sizes and requirements,.. Filterfine Vietnam will quote prices.
  2. Samples can be brought to Filterfine Vietnam Company or scanned at customer’s request.
  3. Send back the scanned file (STL format) within the same day.
  4. If you require meshing + preliminary editing or 3D modeling from scanned files (reverse design)…, details will be discussed in detail in the quotation.


Thanks and Best Regards

Filterfine Team