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ScanAir Pro Lighthouse System is a scanning system based on HEPA / ULPA particle filters. This is the easiest and lightest method for testing and scanning PTFE, fiberglass and other filter media to leak. Test smart upstream traffic and system scan the bottom filter

ScanAir Pro system includes an ergonomic scanning probe with a touch screen, ScanAir Pro System also includes a SOLAIR mobile particle counter and a two-port amplifier that can be remotely controlled from screen handles. touch screen.
ScanAir Pro system allows you to take upstream and downstream measurements displaying real-time percent leakage information on the integrated touch screen.
Features :
Compact design
Touch screen
Measurement methods upstream and downstream
Automatic alarm bell
Scanning and Leakage Size
Percentage of leak display in downstream mode
Display measurements Upstream or Downstream
The ability to challenge test filters with much lower concentrations than a photometer
Use PSL and PAO to check the filter
Multi-function system
Used for other applications

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