Tuesday September 20th, 2022
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At present, the development is higher and higher, the need for better accuracy, the improvement of CNC machining machines, and the holder chuck is an essential requirement.

Today, with CNC milling machines, the new spindle system with high precision is BBT double contact with standards (BBT30, BBT40, BBT50).

For conventional spindles of the BT series, the holder chuck is in contact with the spindle through the taper shank, and through this the torque is transmitted.

For the dual contact chuck holder and spindle, in addition to the taper shank being in contact, the system holding the chuck holder and the spindle is in contact with each other on the flange of the chuck holder.

Currently, CNC milling machine manufacturers, and clamping companies are constantly releasing new products with dual contact systems.

And Schussler with leading technology from Germany is no exception, with the new product line BT double contact – BTD.

When using a BTD chuck holder with a BBT machine spindle, a double contact system is created, perfect for high precision machining.

With large contact surface advantages:

  • Helps increase firmness, reduce roll.
  • Increased accuracy.
  • Improved machining surface when milling.
  • Increased cutting tool life.
  • Reduce taper when machining holes, and finishing.

Double exposure is the development trend of the line in the future, with the above advantages. Customers who need to learn or consult more in depth, please contact us according to the information below.

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