Designed with functionality in mind, Lighthouse LS-60 Liquid Samplers are integrated syringe samplers and optical particle counting systems with an easy-to-use Windows-based software interface. Following a quality standard of reliability and dependability, Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions developed the LS-60 Liquid Sampler using the latest in laser optical particle counter technology. With a Sample Flow Rate of 60mL/min, the LS-60 provides unprecedented measurement speed and accuracy.

The LS-60 uses a high accuracy syringe pump flow control system and a high sample volume sensor. It is a perfect tool for multiple batch sampling applications. The graphical user interface makes the LS-60 easy to configure and operate. Data is automatically recorded and easily available in graph and tabular form in real-time. Reports can be preconfigured and printed at the touch of a key.

* Features

0.1 µm to 100 µm size ranges available.
Integrated particle counter
8 channel sizes
Windows-based control software
Sample volumes from 1 ml to 1 liter
Syringe size options: 10 and 25 ml
Precise syringe pump flow control
Stainless steel enclosure
Built-in magnetic stirrer
Maximizes sample repeatability
Small footprint
RS-485 Modbus
Designed for reliability



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