Tuesday September 27th, 2022
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FILTERFINE VIETNAM would like to announce a special promotion program for all customers who are using Wenzel’s three-dimensional coordinate measuring machine CMM

Regardless of geography, region as well as purchase history, as long as your company is using genuine Wenzel meter products. FilterfineVN will provide 1 SPECIAL service package for FREE for you.

I . When using the service package, you will receive the following benefits:

  1. Clean and maintain the machine: Clean the fixed axes of the CMMs where 50% of the accuracy of the machine is decided…
  2. Machine tested:
  • Hardware
  • Will be checked the gas lines, electricity, preliminary inspection of all machine components: belts, servo motors ….
  • Check the computer to see if the configuration is still appropriate or need to upgrade and upgrade what…
  • Software
  • Will check the software as well as advise the most optimal software version
  1. Trained for reuse.
  • You will be provided with a basic lesson from the steps to use the CMM
  • You will be noted problems or errors during operation
  • Get free materials
  1. You will be consulted about the machine calibration service and receive a preferential price on the CMM machine calibration service

II . The reason you should need a service pack

  • All free
  • Can you check if your company’s machine has any backlog problems?
  • To participate in a free course to review the operations I have used so far or to train new people.
  • Get answers to questions during the process of using the machine


All training and working instructions are performed by well-trained FILTERFINE technicians from WENZEL.

Thanks and Best Regards,

For more information, please contact us:

Phạm Hồng Quân – support2@ filterfinevn.com – M: 0969742185