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Disc Filters and Holders

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Disc Filters and Holders
Disc Filters are manufactured to the highest industry standardsand packaged in an appropriately rated clean room. They areavailable in 13 mm through 142 mm diameters and a wide rangeof pore sizes and media for research on filtration of both liquidsand gases. Applications include pharmaceuticals, industrialchemicals, solvents, water and process gases. Disc filters may alsobe used for small vent filter applications.Disc filters may be used with CSH-47 holders for validation,sampling, process scale up, and venting. All materials ofconstruction are FDA accepted. All filter discs have been validatedto pass USP Class VI toxicology, oxidizable substances, endotoxinlevel and other quality tests
CSH 47 mm 316L
Stainless Steel Disc Holders are true sanitaryhousings with no threaded vents or ports. They are providedcomplete with a clamp on twist valve assembly allowing forcomplete removal and cleaning of all components. The sanitaryvent valve facilitates venting, draining, sampling, and integritytesting, and a single clamp closure enables easy disassemblyand disc change out. The CSH is electropolished for maximumcorrosion resistance and cleanability. The inlet and outlet are3/4” sanitary flanges and the vent fitting is a 1/2” sanitary flange.

O-rings and gaskets are silicone
CHP 47 mm Polypropylene Disc Holders are designedto give you an economical alternative when sampling andevaluating media. It comes standard with EP O-ring and¼-inch MNPT inlet and outlet connections. Assembly is easy.Simply insert the 47 mm disc and thread the two body halvestogether.

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