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CW Cartridge Filters High-Grade Yarn Wound

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CW Cartridge Filters High-Grade Yarn Wound
Service grade CW Yarn Wound Filter Cartridges aremanufactured with high grade yarns that assure a consistentproduct. Designed for a wide spectrum of applications fromprocess water to harsh chemicals to high temperature filtration,the CW cartridges are an economical solution for particulateremoval in challenging environments. Choose from a wideselection of media, support core materials and pore sizes from0.5 micron to 300 microns to meet your requirements.
Construction Materials
Filtration Media Polypropylene, Cotton, Polyester, Nylon,or Rayon Yarn
End Caps Polypropylene
Center CorePolypropylene, Glass Filled Polypropylene, Tin Plated Steel, 304 SS,or 316 SS
Core Extenders Polypropylene, Tin Plated Steel, or 316 SS
O-rings Buna, Viton® (or FKM), EP, Silicone, FEPEncapsulated Silicone, FEP EncapsulatedViton (or FKM), Polyethylene Integra
Length 5 to 40 in. (12.7 to 101.6 cm) nominal
Outside Diameter 2.50 in. (6.35 cm) or 4.50 in. (11.43 cm) nominal
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